All Blacks vs South Africa(SpringBoks) 2013 Rugby Championship Highlights

All Blacks vs South Africa(SpringBoks) 2013 Rugby Championship Highlights

Two tries from captain Kieran Read helped New Zealand grab the lead in the Rugby Championship last night after a 29-15 victory over South Africa, who had Bis…



kro235 says:

Not to mention, I think you’d find that if you looked at the stats,? it’s mostly a different ref each time that appears to magically fix the All Black games. So there is not rend with any particular ref. Or is there a worldwide conspiracy against the Springboks now?

kro235 says:

Only in South Africa would they believe that this match was fixed. NZ had a bad run of ref calls at world cups previously as well. Fucking grow up and get over it. Your team lost to the All Blacks multiple times last year. Even without the red card there is a good chance the Springboks were? going to lose. Stop being so sore about it.

Ben Camilleri says:

you are a bit of a? sore loser

Dirksue says:

Every time the referees “make a mistake”, the Springboks are always the ones who get the short end of the stick.

We need to have transparency of Referee Stats and see which refs are making? the most “mistakes” and which teams they are making them against the most.

Any referees found to be making constant “mistakes” against the Springboks or any other team must be banned and formally investigated.

We, the fans have reached the end of our patience with this despicable match-fixing.

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